My Adventure with Mesh Heads



This past weekend my girlfriend and I decided that I needed a mesh head. I had been thinking about this for quite some time but products for men are often behind women’s products in respect to availability and, more often than not, quality. We decided on a Catwa Jackson head primarily because she has a Catwa head and likes it. Guys, just because a woman can make a major change like this does not mean men can do the same easily, but it can be done.

My adventure into mesh heads had me so pissed off and frustrated at times that I was seriously considering throwing my computer out the window. Don’t get me wrong, Catwa has wonderful products and now I’m glad I joined the growing throng of men in Second Life who have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into this new arena of fashion technology.

My first problem arose when my skin didn’t match the head so I went to TELLAQ, my skin designer. Unfortunately TELLAQ does not offer appliers for mesh heads so off I went hopping around from skin shop to skin shop looking for not only a skin that had the applier but most importantly a skin that was high quality. I finally settled on the L’Etre Homme Dave Skin [Golden Tone]. This is a pretty good skin that is specifically designed for the Catwa Jackson head.

My next adventure, and the reason my girlfriend logged off, was that my hair would not fit nor would it adjust to fit. So, off I went in search of new hair. It is important to note that while searching for hair in SL I was pulling my hair out in RL. Now, the annual Hair Fair is going on now so I hit the TP button to go there….and the sim was full, so I patiently waited like 10 seconds and attempted the TP again….and the sim was full. This went on for about an hour (I’m now pretty much bald in RL). Finally I decided to go directly to the source. One my bosses at Superior Modeling Agency and Academy and SMA Glam Magazine recommended I visit bade where I decided on the [bade] Wesley Brown hair. Off I went back home to my pose stand to admire my new look. Crap, now I needed a shaved hair base so I decided on a search through Marketplace where I found the L’Etre shaved hairbase [light brown]. Back to my pose stand and a few adjustment to the hair and I looked like….a well-built teenager.

My face was a bare as a babies butt and I looked about 16 years old. I checked my new L’Etre skin for facial hair options and there were none. So, back to L’Etre I went to see if I had purchased the wrong skin option. It turns out that had bought the right skin and the facial hair package was an additional option. The facial hair item was very affordable so after buying that I was back home to grow some stubble. After reading the instruction for applying the facial hair I remembered that I see no color so how do I tint the stubble to match my hair? Due to a traumatic brain injury I am monochromatic. This means I see shades of grey but no color.

After a bit of consultation with Catwa and the RGB color model I figured out the scruffy look that I was looking for and Bingo Bango Boom….Here is the new me. It will take some getting used to but overall it was worth the effort. Now I’m going to have to sign off, I have an appointment with Bosley Hair Restoration.



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