My History of SL Fashion



I’ve been in Second Life for almost 10 years and the changes in fashion have been incredible. In the beginning there were just designs that basically replaced the skin layer. Designers could put clothing on underwear layers, shirt layers and jacket layers. Then came sculpties. Sculpties added another layer of depth and allowed for more detailed accessories such as collars, cuffs, buttons and jewelry. Next on the evolutionary chain was the inclusion of mesh clothing and jewelry. This made available an incredible amount of detail and depth in the designs as well as now the designs have far more to them with far less prim usage as well as HUD options.

When I first made a Second Life account in November of 2006 I was lost and wandering around. Rarely would people speak to me because back then the noob avatars were far worse than they are today. We looked like melted Ken and Barbie dolls. We had no body details except eyes and a basic shape. The skin looked like a mass of butter melted over the boxy shape. Linden Labs had no real options as to how you would look when you rezzed in except male or female. But I have to tell you I was damned proud of my ugly avatar. And I was oblivious to the various shape and skin designers. I had discovered the freebie stores so I was wearing the best fashions that no money could buy. I wish now that I had saved a few of the photos from back then.

Then I met two women who changed my view of Second Life.

The first woman, unfortunately, was to become my first true love in Second Life lol. She cajoled me into buying my first shape and skin…and hair and eyes. All I remember of the new and improved Alrik was she dragged me to a place called Naughty Island and introduced me to the best skin and shape for men in SL. There were two versions, one blonds and one for darker hair. This designer also offered hair. I wish I could remember the designers name because looking back these skins and hairs would still be fashionable in today’s Second Life but, alas, they went out of business about the same time as that first woman got booted to the curb.

The second women is still, to this day, been an amazing influence in my journey through Second Life and I’ve never actually met her. This woman, every fashion forward man and women in SL knows. She introduced me to real, high quality, extremely detailed men’s fashion in early 2007. Of course I’m referring to Emilia Redgrave, owner and designer of Redgrave Skins and Fashion.

Now, nine years later, I still own and wear some of those original fashions and own almost everything in their store.  Ms. Redgrave, along with her partner Dean Ashby are still my go to fashion designers. Whether you are looking for beach wear, jeans, casual or formal attire, shoes, boots, skins or hair you will find some of the best detail on the grid at Redgrave Skins and Fashion.


Alrik Halberd


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