I woke up this morning with an idea; I started a group specifically for bloggers of men’s fashion and interest. The groups name is Men’s Fashion Bloggers and I have a vision of bloggers and fashion forward people all getting together to discuss any issue of interests to men. You can join the group by going to my profile picks or it should be in search>groups. Finding high quality, truly detailed men’s fashion can be tasking to say the least. Designers come and go. Often they close their doors due to lack of customers. This doesn’t always reflect on their talent or designs but often on their ability to get the word out so people know their shop exists. One way to get the word out is for us as a group to use this opportunity as a networking tool.

Yesterday evening I posted a blog about men’s fashion and pasted the link into the Menstuff group IM panel and almost immediately was booted from the group. Because I had an open IM with the group when I was ejected it allowed me to still be in the IM discussion. The moderator went on and on about people like me spamming the group. According to the Urban Dictionary spamming is…and I quote…Spamming: The act of chatting gibberish and. Irrelevance.

As I see it, an article on a fashion designer who makes high quality men’s wear should not be considered gibberish or irrelevant to a group claiming to be a guiding force in men’s fashion. As far as spamming goes, there are quite a few of their ‘Accepted Designers’ who fill the screen with less that top quality designs.

Groups like Menstuff are far less about promoting Men’s stuff then they are about promoting Menstuff. There were even guys who asked whether the designer was as good as I stated in my post as they had never heard of Redgrave. Well that makes sense seeing how Menstuff only allows certain designers to post in their group. As a group grows it is easy to lose focus and lose sight of the original inspiration to form the group.

When I first joined Second Life I wandered around trying to find the look that was right for me. I had to sift through a lot of crap and wander through an awful lot of women’s clothing shops to find the gems hidden back in the dusty corners of their shops. I soon realized that if I was having problems finding decent fashion then other men must be also. I started taking notes and eventually bought the Thinc press and started my own magazine focused on men. I kept that magazine (ForMen Magazine) going for about ten months, until RL came calling and I was forced to take a sabbatical from Second Life. My main focus in Second Life for almost ten years has been men’s fashion and I have no plans to change that.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I respect Menstuff and I know that being a moderator in a large group can be a real bitch. At some point they have to draw a line in the sand, but as a group that focuses on men’s fashion I think that line should be pulled back a bit to allow for others who have a true interest in men’s fashion. A one line link to a fashion blog should not be considered spam but conversely if the link is to a blog that is irrelevant to the focus of the group then I can see ejecting the person that posted it.

I have followed Menstuff group almost since their inception. It stands to reason that I would follow them as I follow all groups that I can find that include men’s fashion or men’s issues. I wish that they wouldn’t have ejected me but it is what it is. At this moment I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to groups such as this but holding a grudge serves no purpose. If I were invited back I would rejoin. The group does serve an important purpose…but, they have to figure out a way of allowing relevant bloggers to post relevant links. Designers that are approved by the group owners are allowed to post at will; bloggers, often are the voice of the designers and should be allowed to post side by side with the designers they promote.

That, my friends is the end of this rant. I’m going dancing.


Alrik Halberd


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