Dawn and I have been so busy lately. She is preparing a new clothing line and this past weekend graduated from modeling school. I took a position as a club manager only to watch the GM have a melt down and start thinking she was Benito Mussolini. I celebrated my tenth rezday on 11/17…HOLY CRAP, ten years, I need a life lol. We are working to get ready for Christmas, putting up the tree and baking cookies (when will the Firestorm Viewer come out with virtual smells?). HAHA…scratch & sniff SL…the sex trade would go nuttier than a squirrel turd.

As you have seen from my last post I finally made the jump to a mesh body. There were a few things keeping me from making the transition. I like my face so I had to find a body that was compatible with a skin that was compatible with the face applier. My friend David from L’Etre had shown me his new skin so I went from there and easy peasy…it was done. My biggest fear was that my clothing would no longer fit but with the exception of very few items they all seem to fit fine, if not better than before.

Dawn and I decided to down size our living space in anticipation of her opening her store. She is still away off from the opening but as a cost saving plan we now have a skybox above out offices. This is saving us about L$1100 per week. I can live with that. Keep an eye open for her to premier her clothing new clothing line first on the Market Place.

With 17 days until Christmas, we are staying busy and happy and hope you and yours are also.


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