Dawn and I have opened a new store

I want to give you an update on what Dawn and I are up to this year so far. On the first of February, we opened Poliwogg. Poliwogg is our clothing store. Working as our alts, Ribbitt & Poliwogg, we have released our own line of clothing. Poli makes women’s clothing and Ribbitt make men’s. We have been working hard to give you the best product we can at the best possible price.

There is a definite learning curve, not only in the making of clothing but how to market our products. This includes how best to texture our vendor boards, where to focus our marketing and getting people in the door to mention a few areas we have been working on. We are in the process of revamping our sale board images and downsizing the actual store now. We have a beautiful mainstore but are going to be giving it up and using a couple of smaller mall locations we have due to a number of reasons. The main reasons are cost and size. We have decided that until our products start selling we could not justify paying the big rent cost. Once we start selling we will reassess where to place the mainstore. Another reason for the move is the original store is so damn big it would take months to fill lol.

Come visit the new store & Ascendent Modeling Agency http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchant%20Wedding%20Isle/149/83/2089

Dawn is modeling for Ascendent Modeling Agency (formerly Superior Modeling Agency) and loves doing shows and learning all of the new skills needed for modeling. At times she finds it frustrating which I can understand being a former model myself.  She has taken a sabbatical from hosting to focus on the store but is planning to return to the stage very soon. I hope she does soon as I’m missing my favorite host.

Currently, I am DJing at Southern Comfort Rock Club where Dawn and I also each have a vendor booth for Rock N Roll T-shirt’s – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow%20Shore/217/190/733 and I will be starting at a brand new ballroom, Black Velvet, owned by Southern Comfort – fuck-u-hoodie-black-board-revised

Check my profile or about page for my schedule.

My thought for the day: Why is it that female avatars have available to them physics to allow for breast bounce but men have no access to the same technology so we can swing our bits?


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