My Second Life Updated

Where to start? Life has a habit of moving along so fast we sometimes fall behind. My last post was clear back in February. I need to pull my head out and pay more attention to the posts. I do these posts for two reasons; first to keep you informed of the things I’m up to in my day to day travels through Second Life and second to help my own brain process these things.

Those close to me may have noticed that Dawn is no longer shown as my partner in my profile. This is not to be interpreted as meaning we are no longer together. We still spend all of our time together in SL but we decided to split our stores so we could expand. I wanted to start designing women’s clothing as well as men’s and our vision of how the store would appear and move forward was a little different so at this early stage in the store, it was better to split them. I have begun rebranding my store which is now named HellGate Trading Company (HTC). While I don’t have a main store I do have a store at ShenaniganS Music Café.  I will have a mainstore at some point but want to be able to fill it with quality products before I go down that road again.

I’m still DJing and while my schedule is always changing this is how it looks today.

Purple Gator – Monday & Thursday Noon – 2

ShenaniganS Music Cafe’ – Wednesday 10-Noon

I also will be doing a special Memorial Day tribute show at ShenaniganS this coming Monday @ 4:00 SLT, Hope to see you all there. Remember Memorial Day is not about barbecues but about remembering those who gave their lives in defense of our nation.


Alrik Halberd


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